Sasha Hall humiliates boyfriend by cuckolding him with a stranger and forcing him to suck cock

Every man dreams of having a hot girlfriend. Chris had achieved that dream, and now that she was his fiancee he would do anything to keep Sasha by his side. The brunette knew this and exploited her power over Chris every time she could, testing just how far she could take things. When the census taker came to their house Sasha had a new way to have fun.

Sasha didn’t waste any time, unbuckling the stranger’s pants and taking his cock into her mouth. Chris tried to say something, but between the shock and embarrassment he felt he ended up doing nothing. Sasha’s pussy was wet with excitement, Chris’ anguished face driving her to pound her pussy harder into the stranger’s cock.

The cuckolded boyfriend played second fiddle, having resigned to help Sasha fuck her lover and getting whatever scraps she might throw his way. But Sasha wasn’t done with Chris yet, she made him suck her lover’s cock. Chris accepted this new debasement, content with at least being able to taste his fiancee’s pussy on the stranger’s cock. - Femdom TGP
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