Kayla Paige repays her debt to Tory Lane with intense strapon lezdom

Through a series of bad financial decisions and luck Kaila found herself in deep debt with Tory Lane. Realizing she could not pay Tory back Kaila went to see her at her office to discuss other possible arrangements. Tory suggested Kaila pay her by offering her services as sex puppet for Tory. Kaila was a bit shocked but willing to accept to finally be free of her debt.

But Kaila hadn’t been prepared for Tory’s level of perversion. Knowing that Kaila had to accept anything Tory wanted to do the big titted deviant let her fantasy go wild. Kaila was bound to her chair, her panties taken off and wrapped around her head, and a ball gag put on her mouth. Tory sucked Kaila’s tits then smothered Kaila with her own, following it with her ass.

Tory decided to take Kaila somewhere else to continue her fun. Kaila, bare naked and with her hands and feet bound, was made to get inside a suitcase which Tory lugged to her private lair. Kaila lay naked on the floor as Tory used a dildo to fuck her pussy. Tory used a vibrator to bring the bound Kaila to the edge of orgasm before denying her release.

Once Tory tired of that game she put Kaila in a suspension bondage rig and used a strapon dildo to pound her pussy. Kaila’s moans of pleasure were pounded out of her by Tory’s hard pelvic thrusts.

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