Gina Ryder’s hobby becomes humiliating punishment for her cuckold husband

Gina was taking a photography course to forget her problems at home. Her husband’s pathetic cock couldn’t satisfy her needs and Jimmy’s laziness made him spend the whole day sleeping. Taking pictures was a way for Gina to distract her mind. A class assignment paired her up with a great looking black guy, and when she noticed the big bulge he carried in his pants she came up with an idea to fulfil her needs and get back at her useless husband.

The adulterous wife brought her black lover home and sucked his dick right over her husband’s sleeping body. While she sucked off the big black cock her lover took pictures of it so they could laugh at Jimmy later. Jimmy woke up and was shocked at what was happening but his wife shot down his complaints. Gina made the cuckold watch as she continued to suck the huge cock, laughing at her husband’s tiny pecker.

Gina enjoys her lover’s cock right on her marital bed, her husband relegated to getting whatever scraps Gina threw his way. The humiliated cuckold watches as his wife moans in pleasure, something she has never done with him. As a final insult Jimmy is made to lick the lover’s cum off his wife’s ass as the two adulterers laugh. - Femdom TGP
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