Gia DiMarco breaks in new submissive with bondage and strapon fucking

Divine Bitches: Better Luck Next Time

Mistress extraordinaire Gia DiMarco is in for a treat. She’s breaking in a new stud into the Divine Bitches’ stable, Tyler Alexander. Chained and naked, Alexander waits for Gia to begin his education. Gia has prepared a varied menu for Alexander’s first taste of femdom, and to start things right she spanks his lily-white ass double-handed.

Gia has fun laughing at Alexander’s flaccid cock, slapping it around. The mistress then slaps Alexander’s face and teases him by putting her pantyhose-covered pussy over his face so he can smell it. Alexander is instructed to do whatever Gia says without questioning, and is made to motor-boat her tits and worship her toes.

After this brief respite Gia puts Alexander in bondage and whips his ass. She has fun teasing him again, putting her wet pussy close to his gagged mouth. Weights are put on Alexander’s cock which pull it down, then Gia uses her strapon to fuck Alexander’s helpless ass. His muffled grunts excite Gia, and she uses a vibrator on her pussy while watching her strapon cock pound the submissive’s ass.

The devilish Gia continues to tease Alexander, hovering her naked pussy over his cock, putting it between her breasts and breathing on it, driving Alexander mad with desire. But instead of getting Gia’s pussy Alexander’s cock gets put in a genital crusher and he is once again whipped.

Gia has saved the main dish for last. She puts a dildo gag on Alexander’s face, sucking it sensually, the crusher making sure Alexander’s cock does not get any pleasure from it. Gia fucks herself on Alexander’s face, her pussy and ass so close yet unreachable. Gia finishes Alexander’s introduction by standing on his body and twisting his nipples with her toes, his agonized moans making her squirt all over him. - Femdom TGP
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