Nurse Lorelei Lee and mental patient Bobbi Starr overpower Francesca Le

Managing the mental ward was a big responsibility and Francesca Le took it very seriously. She could come across as a demanding boss, but this was because she wanted to do the best job that she could. Little did she know that her strict rules would have dire consequences when one of her nurses fell in love with a patient.

Lorelei Lee was smitten with Bobbi Starr. Through their long talks during therapy sessions the blonde nurse had fallen for Bobbi, and when the brunette had asked for help to escape Lorelei couldn’t refuse. The two came up with a plan and to wreck revenge on whom they saw as the source of their problems. When Francesca Le came to check up on the patient’s progress she was overpowered by Lorelei and Bobbi.

Francesca tried to reason with Lorelei but the nurse wouldn’t listen. Bobbi and Lorelei ripped Francesca’s clothes, ball gagged her and tied her arms behind her back. Francesca was helpless as the two women took turns fingering her pussy and ass, putting clothespins on her and using a riding crop and cane to smack her ass and cunt. Being so powerless proved to be exciting for Francesca, and although part of her tried to resist another part of her wanted to give up into her captor’s perversions.

Bobbi forced Francesca to eat Lorelei’s ass, grinding her head into the blonde’s ass. Francesca was made to wear a dildo gag and Bobbi fucked herself on her face. Her ass got stretched with a butt plug, then Lorelei and Bobbi put on their black strapon cocks. First they gagged Francesca with them, shoving the plastic dildos deep down her throat, then they moved onto her pussy and ass, double penetrating her until Francesca lost all control, her orgasms driving her to the edge of sanity. - Femdom TGP
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